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Special Report - Get Fighter Fit

MMA Fighters are some of the fittest, leanest, and best conditioned athletes on the planet. Fortunately for you, we have excellent access to the fighters and their coaches and can offer you the opportunity to Get Fighter Fit with our 12 week Periodisation Plan: Read the Special Report as MMA badass Nick "Headhunter" Chapman gets beasted by his Strength and Conditioning Coach Paul Read.

The Get Fighter Fit Special Report guides you through 4 scientifically designed phases to improve your fitness.

Phases 1 and 2 focus on base conditioning and strength/speed with exercises like Russian Step Ups, Dumbbell Snatches, Deadlifts, Barbell Rollouts, Cable Woodchops and HIIT intervals on the rowing erg and bike. Brutal, but effective.

Phase 3 focuses on Power Development, with exercises like the Russian Step Up, Power Clean, Hang Split Snatch, and if you still have anything left in the tank, some brutal HIIT intervals for conditioning.

Phase 4 is about Power/Strength Endurance and you’ll learn about prowler sprints, medicine ball slams, sledgehammer strikes, zercher squats, renegade rows and other exercises and conditioning programmes that will get you to be a powerful athlete…and maintain your speed and strength for longer.

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